"In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it."
— Robert Heinlein, American Novelist

What Coaching is?

Coaching is an efficient, high impact process that helps high performing people improve results in ways that are sustainable over time.

Nima is the first “Certified Business Coach” in Saudi Arabia

Nima is the first “Certified Business Coach” in Saudi Arabia

The Four Fundamental Strategies to Increase Revenues

Author: Andrew Neitlich

One of the jobs of a business coach, consultant, and advisor is to help clients quickly see a path to get results. In the case of increasing revenues, there are four primary strategies that business leaders need to master.

Strategy One: Increase the number of people who are aware of and interested in your products. In other words, generate more prospects. There are literally hundreds of ways to get more visible to your target market, and every business owner should have at least five to ten marketing tactics at work all the time in order to attract more prospects. The more visible you are – with a compelling marketing message for your target market – the more business you will generate.

Strategy Two: Increase your conversion rate so that more prospects buy from you.Visibility is not enough. You also need to hone your sales process to convert prospects to customers. For instance, many online businesses incorrectly focus first on driving traffic to their website when a more profitable strategy would be to focus first on having a website that converts more visitors to customers. What good is traffic if few people buy when they come to your website? Similarly, sales-oriented businesses should develop a consistent, constantly improving sales process, so that every sales person follows proven best practices.

Strategy Three: Increase the average price per sale. Many businesses have an opportunity to earn more money per sale by bundling products, adjusting pricing, cross-selling, and changing the products or service portfolio. For instance, one retailer of proprietary products for parents had a $20 average sale until she bundled products into beautifully packaged gift sets and increased the average sale to over $65.

Strategy Four: Increase the number of sales per customer over time. In today’s economy, it is expensive to attract new customers. Therefore, customer loyalty – or a high lifetime value of a customer – is essential to the survival and success of almost every business. It is crucial to have a business with products, services, a service model, and relationship marketing that keeps customers coming back and has them raving about your business to others. Business owners need to put in place a process and systems to build ongoing relationships, continue to provide value to customers, and be the first business a customer thinks to call when they have a need.

The above strategies are an excellent framework for business owners to consider how to increase sales. From there, the business coach and business owner can develop the right tactics, a set of ambitious goals, and an action plan to optimize each strategy and take the business to the next level of growth and profitability.

Of course, as with any framework, the business owner also has to be sure to have systems in place, cash flow, and operational capacity to handle growth, along with a gross profit margin that feeds the bottom line as revenues grow

Business Coaching … a 7 Steps Approach For Getting All the Clients That You Can Handle

With my CASTLE methodology I will help you in moving forward with a

strategy that helps you realize your mission, reach your financial goals, and

strengthenyour reputation in your target market.

(Source: instituteforbusinessgrowth.com)

About Coach Nima


"I help energetic and visionary youth entrepreneurs, who are struggling with developing their business growth to relax, build their market share, grow their revenue, become visible in their market, and get more customers. I help them to do that and more with the lowest cost and highest return possible and of course lessen their stress and fear and most of all, make sure they don’t run out of cash!”

Stop struggling with Ineffective and expensive ways to get more customers which do not add to your revenue, instead make you run out of cash!.

Surpass your competitor by learning how to easily manage your money, read your financial statements, and make smart decisions.

Leading your team, managing your money and brining new customers doesn’t have to be this frustrating. It doesn’t have to be this way. I have a six-part business coaching and facilitating process that gets your business brand and company respected, your team engaged and energized, and your business enjoyable and profitable. With my CASTLE methodology I will help you in moving forward with a strategy that helps you realize your mission, reach your financial goals, and strengthenyour reputation in your target market. With this process, everything changes:

  • You and your employees have a common language for the strategy of getting more customers and making the existing ones loyal and what it means, and is prepared to focus on the strategic questions that have the biggest impact.
  • Your customers are happy about the way they are treated by you and your sales team. They are delighted by your service/product and are happily recommending their friends and family to buy from you.
  • You feel recharged because you know where your business is headed, know that the marketing sales guys are aligned, and feel empowered to make things happen.
  • You have an effective strategy for recruiting the smart talents and train your existing employees.
  • The revenue increases, and both you and your investor feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to see your business move forward and focus on serving your customers and realizing your mission.
  • You are more relaxed, confident and not frustrated anymore because you know where your heading and going their faster and stronger.


Unlike, expensive consultants and other advisors, our leading business coaching, planning and facilitating process has been designed specifically for visionary youth who want to be the experts in taking their business and team to the next level. Nima who is a leading expert on business coaching, has a solid experience on coaching profession and established a successful enterprise herself. Nima is passionate about helping youth and she believes in the power and important role they play in making a better future for their communities. She wants to help them compete in the market where customers are sophisticated and demanding. In addition, Nima has seven years of close experience on running different size organizations and companies and have seen how top decision makers nail it or break it! With her experience that gives her unmatched insights about what it really takes to develop a strategy of your goals and get results that will help you lead your people and together take your business to the next level.